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Types of Immunity

When it comes to immune systems, there are essentially two main types: passive and adaptive. Passive immunity occurs when you are not exposed to any specific pathogen, while adaptive immunity develops through exposure to certain pathogens. Let’s explore both of these categories. Passive immunity is a process where you acquire antibodies from external sources, while adaptive immunity is the result of exposure to a specific pathogen. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide to immune system function, consider the following information.

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The innate and adaptive immune systems are linked. Adaptive immune cells respond to pathogens through a cascade of signaling molecules. When this happens, large numbers of T cells are produced. Subsets of these T cells directly kill the pathogens, while others stimulate the production of B cells. These B cells then produce antibodies specific to the disease agent. Regulatory T cells are different from helper T cells. They perform different roles within the immune system, depending on the type of germ.

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Innate immunity is the body’s first line of defense against germs. These cells react to all germs and foreign substances, including viruses and bacteria. These cells also have a limited capacity to prevent reinfection, but can help kill germs once they are in the body. However, if innate immunity fails to kill a germ, the adaptive immune system will step in. It’s slower than the innate immune system, but is much more precise and effective.

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