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What Hair to Use For Butterfly Locs

If you’re planning to get a new look, you’re probably wondering what hair to use for butterfly locs. This article provides some great advice for installing locs with the correct style and maintenance. Also, learn how to prevent your new locs from unraveling. After all, they are designed to last four weeks, so you don’t want to risk damaging them. Listed below are some styles and hair types you can use to achieve your new look!

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If you’re looking for a style that lasts for two or three months, butterfly locs are perfect for you! Butterfly locs are loose protective styles with a curly pattern, which looks like the wings of a butterfly. Most locs are temporary, lasting for four to six weeks. It’s important to moisturize your locs regularly, massage them with oil twice a week, and sleep with your locs in a bun or a loose ponytail at night. You’ll also need to sleep on a silk pillowcase or silk scarf to protect your new locs.

The best way to protect your locs is to braid them. This method secures your loc better than a twist, which puts more stress on the hair and scalp. To make your locs more secure, choose a three-strand twist, which is a bit more secure and involves less manipulation than a braid. If you’re worried about losing your hair during the braiding process, use a protective spray on your hair to prevent damage.

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